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    Consider the possibility that we let you know, this modified convertible will just cost you Rs 4 lakh. Indeed, that is generously not as much as the consistent convertibles carrying elevated sticker prices. The main catch here is you have to claim a Maruti 800. Yes, that is valid. This modified convertible car is the Maruti's notorious 800 model that has been changed into a convertible. India's most cherished car that led the streets for more than two decades was taken off generation couple of years prior. While despite everything we miss the small scale bring forth, for the individuals who possess a 800 (show year 2006, 2007 or 2008) can get this new search for their car.

    Modified by J S Design, this modified Maruti 800 convertible gets extensive changes. Hued in splendid yellow, the custom Maruti 800 gets articulated wheel curves, custom amalgam edges with dark complete and side skirts. The all-dark entryway handles coordinate well with the dark treatment around the car. While the baggage rack on the boot and the double fumes tips have been booted. In advance, it gets new headlamps, that appear to be roused by the Fiat Palio while the taillamps at the back have been sourced from the Chevrolet Spark. It additionally accompanies a regressive opening hat that looks cool.

    Changes within have been made pair with the outside. The inside gets a sprinkle of the body shading which looks somewhat ostentatious. Dashboard format has been kept fundamental and the AC vents appear to be taken from the Nissan Terrano. Also, it gets a huge infotainment framework, much the same as contemporary cutting edge cars. One of the conspicuous changes on modified Maruti 800 convertible is the seating design. So, the back seat has been evacuated which makes it a two-seater as it were! Now that is something you have to consider as the seating limit will be crushed to two.

    The directing wheel with MOMO lettering and the apparatus lever are somewhat of a put off, else it looks great. While it gets a few new bits, the wiper stalks appear to the held from the first car. The fabric/canvas top on the modified Maruti 800 convertible can be collapsed over the boot, inferring sufficient space for putting away baggage. Different points of interest like the changes in undercarriage and motor set-up are not known. However, what we can let you know is that this change will cost you Rs 4 lakh (and extra 15% administration duty) and it will take roughly 3 months for transformation.

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