• Spanners Customs Chennai Modified Royal Enfield Machismo

    Royal Enfield Machismo feels like a hybrid of Classic Chrome and Electra 350 as it conveys chrome paint done with Electra style seat and shading tone.

    The 1990 Machismo utilized here was relatively rusted and bringing it back alive was nothing not as much as a test for Spanners Customs. The completed rendition is a normal present day cruiser with square with accentuation to solace and safety. Dissimilar to the first Machismo with drum brake, this Blue and White Edition utilizes front circle and back backrest for both safety and solace related reasons.

    Unique fuel tank of Machismo was gravely harmed and hence, they got another fuel tank with double tone shade for riders wellbeing. A high set handlebar was utilized to recover that ideal straight stance on Machismo 350. The seat here is additionally all around cushioned while dark double barrel deplete is utilized to get that regular thundering RE feel.
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    Spanners Customs have utilized an arrangement of double tone combination wheels with adjusted dark/chrome wrap up. Front bumper was done in White shade while raise gets blue complete for that top notch cruiser impact. Suspension was likewise painted for a flawless match up.

    As uncovered by Spanners Customs, the adjustment cost of this Machismo is INR 1 Lakh. Run of the mill Bullet style front belt was left untouched as far as outline while dark paint helped it look superior to the first maroon shade on Machismo 350. Royal Enfield extend by and by begins from INR 1.15 lakh for the Bullet 350.
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    You can contact Spanner Customs through their facebook page: https://business.facebook.com/spannerscustoms/
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