Maratha Motorcycles Dariasang - The Supremo

When we see Maratha Motorcycles's bikes we always notice an uniqueness with some substantial looks on every bike. Today we are featuring Maratha Motorcycles's Darisang.

Maratha Motorcycles Dariasang price

This bike looks is inspired from the Rolls Royce Nautical Wraith. For making the ride remarkable and enjoyable they equipped it with Music System with 4 250W channel speakers,250 2 Twitter's and 500W amplifiers. 

Maratha Motorcycles Dariasang

Aqua blue and ivory gray paintjob detailing is inspired with luxury racing yachts.Morover to detailing handlebar,food pegs,tool box,is layered with ship wood touch. Countinuing the Crafthouse innovation in tank cap is topped with ship wheel.

High density custom seats truly adds the riding comfort. Leaving the Nautical identity behind on Street the back rest is made with chain from the actual dead metal with anchor.

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If you like this custom bike then you can contact Maratha Motorcycles through their facebook page:

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