This awesome Flat tracker from Wena Customs is based on Honda XL 250

Not all Flat Trackers looks as awesome as this one made by Wena Customs, Poland. This Flat Tracker is based on Honda XL 250.

Wena Customs Honda Flat tracker

When you look at the bike in the front you will see the naked tyre as there is no fender covering it. They have used van van fuel tank on which the designing and painting was done by them. Mirrors are on the downward side of the handle bars.

Wena Customs Honda XL 250 Flat tracker

They have used sand blasting and power coating on frame and rim. Soda Blast and Engine Painting. Carburettors were reconstructed by them. Calipers and Drum Brakes were also reconstructed.

All the wiring of electrical installation was done by them. Galvanizing of all the connecting Elements.
Wena Customs Honda Flat tracker

They have used custom made exhaust made up of 2in1 stainless steel. They have made the seat frame and custom seat for the bike. They have used third party speedometer. Rear Light Lamp with white board fitted on the top of Rear Fender.

Overall the Bike looks Fabulous.

If you want such tracker for you then you can contact Wena Customs through their Facebook Page:

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