Ace Custom Shop Honda XR400 Scrambler

Postapocalyptical Scrambler Bike Design is one of the new trends in Custom World. And today we are featuring one such Postapocalyptical bike build by Ace Custom Shop, Colombia.

Ace Custom Shop Honda XR400 Scrambler

The stock bike used is Honda XR400.

They completely disassembled the stock bike, restored various parts and put back together with madness.

Ace Custom Shop Honda XR400 Scrambler

The front was designed thinking in visibility and functionality giving the bike big part of it´s personality.

They completely built subframe, seat and wiring thanks to which they could fit a Motogadget motoscope mini and things like turn signals and a pair of fog lights.

Ace Custom Shop Honda XR400 Scrambler

They used Yamaha DT250 tank which is smaller one but makes the bike look a lot better.

Bike is painted in matte black, with gloss black accents and a red touch go great with the black in tires, chassis, seat and other details. Finally what didn´t get changed was restored, a great old bike with a new life, ready for everything.

Photos by: Juan Sotomonte

Build/Design: Diego Sotomonte

Electrics and maintenance: Andrés Cabrales and Bmotos

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If you like this bike then you can contact Ace Custom Shop through their instagram handle:

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