KTM Duke 390 Silver Arrow by Pasquale Motors, Bogota

Today we are featuring a beastly modified KTM Duke 390 from Bogota, Colombia. This bike is modified by Pasquale Motors and her name it’s Silver Arrow.

KTM Duke Silver Arrow by Pasquale Motors, Bogota

This bike it’s really special for them, for 2 reasons. The first one is that the Duke in there country is becoming popular and at first sight for them was a challenge to take that bike and imprint their label on it. The second reason is that this bike was commissioned by BOSI which is an important brand that sales shoes and leather accessories. A few years ago they open a division of motorcycle wear.

KTM Duke Silver Arrow by Pasquale Motors, Bogota

They were inspired by the fusion between a scrambler and supermotard. Their first goal was to get rid of all the plastics in the bike and reduce as much weight as they can. They chop the whole subframe that was actually really heavy. They found the perfect combination of rims and tires that suits their goal. 16 ½ inch Front rim and 17 inch rear SAXESS with hubs. They mount Michellin R420 on front and Michellin Pilot Road 3 on the back. To get those tires mount they had to make a lot of aluminum 7075 adaptors (hubs, discs and sprocket).

KTM Duke Silver Arrow by Pasquale Motors, Bogota

After getting the stance that they want, they proceed to shape the aluminium tank that evoke an aggressive look with a vintage style. For that reason they shape a classic peanut tank in the front and finishing the back of the tank with a straight café racer look. The tank was finished with their 7075 gas cap. With the tank ready they modify the rest of the frame to prepare the mounting points of the new subframe. With the mounts ready they design the subframe and tail, keeping in mind their first goal mixing two styles. The subframe was made with aluminium 7020. The reason of that is that here in Colombia it’s very hard to get 6061. After looking almost all the metal supplies stores they find a different aluminum than 7075 that is not suitable for welding.

They look up the engineering books and found out that 7020 was actually better than 6061 for structural uses (keeping in mind that have to be weld). The shape of the subframe result of continuing the lines of tank and the frame. With the tail was a different history, that’s because they want that the bikes look aggressive and fast. In the whole bike they made a line that start in the light fairing and finish in the tail. They made that because they want to integrate the brand logo in the bike, in a way that don’t interfere with the design. Those arrows in the tank are part of the logo. The design of the leather seat keep in mind the lines that the motorcycle has across it. All the aluminium was brush in one direction. 

KTM Duke Silver Arrow by Pasquale Motors, Bogota

For the light they used a custom KTM light, that was modified to fit the whole bike design. They still keep some orange paint in order to let the people know that it’s a KTM. Keeping in mind that they love the clean and minimal look, they build a led tail light with turn signals integrated inside with a custom mesh. This bike has to be street legal, for that reason they install a led strip in the forks. For the handle bar they used a renthal low bar with renthal grips. With the supermoto front tire they decide to go with a high hand crafted aluminum fender. To complement that fusion they end up with an aluminum skid plate

Since they love handmade custom exhaust systems, they calculated the right diameter to get a couple of extras hp. The whole system was made in stainless steel gauge 18, welded in house with the back purge method in order to get minimal flow distortion. For the slip on they designed an evolution of megaphone tip with slash cut that match the swim arm to look like an helicopter exhaust. The final touch was given by Juan David Rodriguez @wanda_pot one of the best lettering artist around here.

Their father and mentor help them using the new toy of the garage, a vintage (1976) Bridgeport mill. To build the final drive cover, in 7075 aluminum. Works like a new one.

The KTM looks with a unique style and they manage to take out 19.3 Kg of it. The final weight of the bike its 119.7 Kg with fluids.

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If you like this bike then you can contact them through their instagram page:https://www.instagram.com/pasqualemotors/

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