• V4 Penta Ultra Luxurious Ducati Panigale V4 By Officine GP Design

    V4 Penta is the major project by Italian Bike design house Officine GP Design. It was revealed at Motor Bike Expo 2019 held in Verona, Italy. This bike was done in collaboration with exclusive partnership with various companies. V4 Penta is based on Ducati Panigale V4.

    V4 Penta by Officine GP Design

    Penta V4 is seems to be the first step into the ultra luxurious special series by Officine GP Design. That's why they consider it to be the zero of the nine other models by them. It is created by Luca Pozzato, Brand Ambassador of Motul. It has special designed parts exclusively made for it.

    V4 Penta by Officine GP Design

    It has tank cover built with polymerisation finish process. Front Forks with special handlebar designed by FG Racing. Alloy wheels are from Jonich SX with customised spokes. Front and rear lights are from Ducati. For luxurious touch the skin of bike is coppery texturised.

    V4 Penta by Officine GP Design
    You can preorder your V4 Penta from Officine GP Design at the starting price of 100,000 Euro. This price excludes customisation.

    Website : http://www.v4penta.it/
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