• KTM Duke 200 Modified by GM Custom Delhi

    KTM Duke has seen lots of love in India. The bike has got the looks as well as the power which makes it most useful bike. Now GM Custom Delhi took their hands on a KTM Duke 200 and they have made something really amazing. This street fighter makes the unbelievable that once it was a Duke.

    KTM Duke 200 Modified by GM Custom Delhi

    On seeing it trellis frame one can easily knows that yes it was KTM Duke but however at first sight you can't even notice that. All modifications are done on the clients requirement. You can notice the various mods given to the bike. Starting from the front the stock headlight is replaced with twin LED headlight. The front usd fork got the gas discharge shock absorbers. The front tyre remains stock. Handlebar is now clipon. 

    KTM Duke 200 Modified by GM Custom Delhi

    They have made a custom fuel tank to give aggressive looks. Also the rear frame has been completely redesigned and the length of the bike is increased. Rear swingrarm is custom made and its length is also increased. Bike get the fat tyre and rim. The eccentric shock absorbers replaces the monoshocks. 

    KTM Duke 200 Modified by GM Custom Delhi

    If you like this bike then you can contact GM Custom Delhi through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gullumodification/ 
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