• 7 Cars That Are The Easiest To Maintain

    For the average person, one of the main things to consider while buying a car is maintenance.

    Maintaining a car is a tough job. There are tons of car parts to take care of, and there is always the looming threat of them getting damaged and ruined. The expenses of getting them fixed can be quite a burden, even more so if your car is imported.

    Thus, easy maintenance and upkeep is a major factor. However, knowing which cars are easy to maintain and which are not can be difficult.

    In this article, we are listing out 6 of the easiest cars to work on and maintain. Keep reading to know what suggestions we have in mind.

    1. Toyota Corolla

    Our first pick is a classic car that everyone has heard of at least once in their lives. This legendary car is one of the top sold cars ever, and their popularity has hardly waned. One of the main reasons why it has remained so well-loved is because of its easy maintenance. Its parts are widely available and can be found easily. They're cheap and changing the parts or making improvements won't create a dent in your pocket. It's also durable in and of itself and doesn't require much beyond the occasional tire fix or oil change.

    2. Jeep Wrangler

    Our second pick is the Jeep Wrangler, which is one of the toughest vehicles out there, which has been created for rough and tough use. So, it's already durable from the get-go and isn't a car that requires too much care or maintenance. However, that's not the only reason why it's an easy car to work with. A great feature of the Wrangler is that while it has a modern and complex engine, the suspension is simple and easy to take care of. It also has a regular and uncomplicated layout which reduces the effort or expenses required to repair and fix it. The parts and accessories required by the Jeep Wrangler are cheap as well.

    jeep wrangler

    3. Honda Odyssey

    If you're a family person, then I'm sure that minivans are your go-to car. They're reliable and durable cars that serve you well. But amongst all the minivans in the market today, both new and old, the Honda Odyssey takes the cake for being one of the easiest minivans to maintain. All of its parts are easily available and they're affordable as well. There's nothing that will require a big chunk of your money. However, it's very well-made it hardly requires much tinkering and fixing.

    4. Toyota Tacoma

    If you're an adventurer and you want a good car that will serve you well with little to no servicing, the Toyota Tacoma is the one you need to go for. Beyond its excellent features and tough exterior, one of the highest selling points of the Tacoma is that its upkeep is simple and easy. Not only is it created to be durable and withstand even the harshest of weather and terrain, but the availability of its aftermarket parts and accessories is also abundant as well. So replacing parts and making modifications becomes much more affordable.

    5. Honda Civic

    A list of easy to maintain cars won't be complete if we don't mention the Honda Civic here. This is another car that continues to be popular and well-loved years after it's release. While there are several reasons behind that, one of the primary ones is that it is a budget-friendly car, both in terms of initial buying price and maintenance costs. Its fuel consumption is economical, which means the number of times you need to refuel it is much lesser. Recently, Honda took the step of removing parts that needed frequent replacement making it even easier to maintain.

    Honda Civic

    6. Toyota Camry

    Though we have already mentioned Toyota's Corolla, it would be an injustice if we didn't mention its cousin - The Camry- as well. Similar to the Corolla, the Toyota Camry combines great performance, affordability, and easy maintenance into one, all-rounded package. Its four-cylinder model is one of the main reasons why maintaining it is easy since it makes the repairs and fixes are much simpler. It's also very durable and like most of the models in this list, doesn't call for much tinkering and fixes. Due to these factors, the Camry has often been crowned by people as a low-maintenance king.

    toyota camry

    7. Subaru Outback

    Last but not least, we have one of the most reliable and beloved SUVs in the game, the Subaru Outback. Unlike other vehicles, such as Sedans and Limos, people buy SUVs with durability and easy maintenance in mind and that's exactly what the Outback gives you. It comes with a unique cylinder layout, which makes the vehicle much easier to repair and fix. The number of parts that call for replacement and fixing is very little as well. Even above that is the fact that its parts are easy to find and affordable to purchase as well.

    subaru outback
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