Kabir Singh Bullet Bike Price, images and parts

One of the most sought question after the release of movie Kabir Singh was which Royal Enfield bike is used in that movie. Our Answer is Royal Enfield G2, a retro classic bike which company offered in England. Exact model can't be determined but can of 1970 -90s.

kabir singh bullet bike

Royal Enfield G2 was available in both 350cc and 500cc and it seems that bike used in Kabir Singh was also 500cc model however it is not confirmed yet. 

There are lots of royal enfield enthusiast who want same modify their bike same as in Kabir Singh. So From where you can get Kabir Singh Bullet. Here is an answer you can get similar kind of custom paint from any custom house near you. There are several aftermarket accessories available which can used to make same bike. 

kabir singh bike by the bikerz

Or you can get it done through The Bikerz. They have recently modified a Royal Enfield desert storm 500cc in similar way. The cost of modification is around INR 30000. This will include 2 mudguards, 1 tank, 4 side boxes, 1 head casing, 2 shocker tubes and a pair of seats. Here is the video of customisation done by them. 

The Bikerz is customisation shop based in Udaipur. The shop is hub of various premium bikes accessories. You can also get your bike service through them. 

The Bikerz Contact Details

website - https://thebikerz.in/
facebook - https://www.facebook.com/wanderwithnick

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