• DC2 Design Thar 6*6 Modification Looks Exclusively Futuristic

    DC2 Design is child firm from one of the best car designer and customiser firm DC Designs. They have now came up with new Thar 6*6 customisation concept for Mahindra Thar 2020. 

    DC2 Thar 6*6

    From the images it is seen that Thar will be completely changed to some futuristic design. There will be six tyres one at each front side and four at back side. It will be a four seater car with pickup abilities. It features twin glass roof and gull wing doors. 

    DC2 Thar 6*6

    At the front mesh inside the cage style grille and looks completely different from the original one. Rectangle LED headlights are used. Golden brown color sheme is used. 

    At rear you can see the spare tyre is attached for the emergency case. Taillights are also long rectangular LED. 

    DC2 Thar 6*6

    Interiors are also completely customised by them. The length of car is 5.3 meter. Payload is 1 ton for cargo. 

    DC2 Thar 6*6

    If you want this model to be yours then you have to provide DC2 Design your Thar 2020. Apart from that the customisation cost is around INR 55 Lakhs (excluding taxes). 

    DC2 Thar 6*6

    You can contact them through their instagram handle. 

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