Yamaha MT 15 - Top 10 Things to Know About

The count of bike sales is now increasing as we are entering the festival season. Recently reported with a great recovery in selling 2-wheelers after a long time. Thus, Indian automobiles are gaining momentum, which is, of course, improved than the same month in the previous year even after a price hike in the company's Yamaha MT-15 and other bike models. Although, Yamaha domestic sales has been increased by 14.05%.

Yamaha MT 15

Yamaha is a brand that is always anticipated with great design, performance, and features in their bikes and scooters. The Yamaha motorcycles are considered to be great in stability and look really fantastic on the streets. If you are the one who wants to get on any model by this bike company, why not check for Yamaha MT 15 . Let’s get you on reasons directly to accomplish your plan to buy this elegant-looking sports bike.

Top 10 Things You Must Know About Yamaha MT-15 Bike:

When it comes to the top-notch featured bikes, Yamaha motorcycles are highly preferable. One can easily check and compare all the features, specifications, price of Yamaha MT 15 at Droom. Read it, then decide if the segment is worth it or worthless.

  1. As Many Color Options: Bike with color options; that sounds fantastic. Yamaha MT-15 is available with color choices for customers to pick from. Yeah! You can find many colors such as Ice Fluo-Vermillion, Metallic Black, Cyan Strom, and Racing Blue.
  1. Design: Regarding stylish look and elegant finish, MT-15 minus other models available in the market. Its sharp tank structure, extended shrouds, twin headlamps, and dock tail lights look beautiful and make it look like an amazing motorcycle. This is Yamaha's coolest street fighter segment that gives an aggressive look.
  1. Specifications: This model of Yamaha is built with highly scalable specifications to give a smoother driving experience. It comes with a 155cc engine, assuring a mileage of 40 KMPL. Moreover, it also ensures to produce the maximum power of 18.23 Bhp @ 10,000 Rpm and maximum torque of 13.9 Nm @ 8,500 Rpm. The liquid-cooled engine type, disc braking system, and 6 multiple disc gears make it a powerful motorcycle by Yamaha.
  1. Features: It is an amazing bike to have a safe and comfortable ride. Yeah! Comes with Bluetooth connectivity, a digital speedometer, a tachometer, and a tripometer makes it worth a greatly featured motorcycle. Its manual transmission, single-channel ABS, alloy wheels, split seat, and digital clock let the bike advance in features.
  1. Performance: The seamless and heavy-duty performance of Yamaha MT 15 gives you easy-to-drive efficiency. It is cool to balance and has good pick-up. The high-quality components and powerful engine can help you figure out its excellent performance. The mechanism of Yamaha segments is always unbeatable and has high potential.


  1. Pricing: Yamaha bikes are considered costly, but what features? The advanced specifications and performance are what you are paying for. This Yamaha segment MT 15 Price is around 1.47 lakhs and goes up.
  1. Fuel Efficiency: MT-15 is fantastic at delivering 40 KMPL mileage on average, making it a fuel-efficient bike. Therefore, this Yamaha segment is great to drive in India, where fuel pricing always fluctuates.
  1. Low Maintenance and Service: Buying Yamaha will get on the great benefit of having a low ratio of service. It does need maintenance but not that frequently. This MT-15 by Yamaha is also a low-maintenance motorcycle as it has great quality components and delivers a reliable mechanism.
  1. Comfortable Driving: You can experience great ease driving on Yamaha MT 15. Of course, it is a high-performance rider's choice; thus, comfort efficiency is prioritized by Yamaha. Therefore, gives no stress and strain on body posture while driving on high terrains and even for long hours.
  1. Easy To Operate: Driving Yamaha segments is super easy comparatively with other brand models. Yamaha bikes are, therefore, always top preferred by Indian bikers. The perfection can be seen in the design, dimension, and weight of the motorcycle, adding convenience to drive.

The Final Verdict:

Yamaha bikes are an all-time favourite for bikers in India. This segment is cool in look, features, and performance. If you really want to feel enjoyable and comfortable on a sports bike, explore Yamaha MT 15 at Droom. Its improved design, mileage, and specifications make it the perfect sport bike in 2022 for easy long trip rides. Motorcycles by Yamaha are engineered well and ensure great mechanisms, thus promising powerful drivability.

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