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Renovatio Motor Works is brain child of Akash Kamble, where he designs bikes. Renovatio is a latin word which means rebirth-means a new life, a new work, a new form, a new meaning. And motor works stand out for in their sense to keep doing consistent work means who never stops. So its a very simple meaning a New consistent work out of the box things. 

They started as a design house and now they also do mechanical and Fabrication work. They never use custom word because for them the word in itself is limited. That's why they never consider themselves as custom house or modification house of motorcycles.

Latest Update - Check out GT 650 Kintsugi by Renovatio Motor Works

Right now they design motorcycles, every type of motorcycle from bobber, cafe racer, brat, etc. They just  just finished their first motorcycle, all its mechanical Fabrication and electrical work are done just paint is left. 

Their goal is to provide customers whole new designed product that they can achieve at very low cost. If customer want their product designed by them, they also do that designed their motorcycle so they can fabricate from their near by custom house and they also help people to taking their decisions on their custom work if they doing by their own hands in their home or their own workshops.

Renovatio Motor Works Highlights

NameRenovatio Motor Works
Started in 2020
OwnerAkash Kamble
Total Bikes Modified5
SpecialtyRoyal Enfield Modification
Famous BikesButterfly, Old Lady, Bobcut

Renovatio Motor Works Designs

Pulsar 220 FSB

Renovatio Motor Works Pulsar

Made this handbuilt motorcycle on bajaj pulsar 220F 2010 by Renovatio Motor Works named as Pulsar 220 FSB(fastest shooting brake)
Here are some enhancement of the motorcycle.
  • Whole new front suspension thicker than previous one + new wider triple clamps.
  • New rear swingarm with linkage gabriel suspension system.
  • New tail light blacked out in smoke wrap so that it can easily blend its paint theme which is black.
  • New rear bigger sprocket to give more torque to the motorcycle.
  • Front headlight which 5.7in and indicator inbuilt. 
  • New clip-ons.
  • New thicker rim front is 17'*3.5' and rear is 17'*4'.
  • New more wider and sportier rims pirelli diablo rosso 2 front is 110*17' and rear is 150*17'.
  • New whole blacked out paint with blue pin striping throughout whole motorcycle followed to rims.
  • Whole rear section frame design and handbuilt made.
  • New rear design handbuilt after gas tank even full tail light hide in the design.
  • New handmade seat with diamond cutting.
  • New K&N air filter
  • Whole performance upgrade because of rear big sprocket and air filter.
  • New after market sports exhaust.
  • Whole bend pipe in brownish golden chrome.
  • And there is no other pulsar 220F built beautiful than our Pulsar 220 FSB(fastest shooting brake).
pulsar modified

Renovatio Motor Works pulsar

Butterfly 650

Royal Enfield Butterfly 650

Bobcut 650

Royal Enfield Bobcut 650

Bobcut 2 650

Old Lady

Royal Enfield Old Lady

Old Lady 2


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    1. Follow @renovatiomotorworks at insta. Workshop is in new delhi

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