Rajputana Customs Nandi Price, Specs and Features

This was the third bike made by Rajputana Customs and the first to get a retro name. Vijay amd co-workers spent two solid months building everything on the bike which they then named "Nandi". Nandi build on a royal Enfield 500cc bike and costs ₹ 5 lakhs.
Rajputana Customs Nandi

A small motorcycle outfit based in Jaipur which builds customs motorcycle on an order basis. In just three years of their existence  Rajputana Customs has 16 customs motorcycle and one of them name is "Nandi".
Rajputana Customs Nandi
The thing with building custom bike here in India and more so at Rajputana customs in that every bike literally built from scratch. The chassis, gas tanks  hubs, rims, sprocket, jack shafts, stringers, gidrers and the list goes on. Rajputana customs are receiving some worldwide attention for the motorcycle they are building. Sure, the fat tire on Nandi might not to be everyone's taste but there's no denying this is a beautiful piece of workmanship and one very cool bike.

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Rajputana Customs Nandi Features

1. Royal Enfield twinspark EFI 500 engine
2. 300mm rear tire
3. 23in front tire
5. Billet aluminum hubs machined here
6. Rear sprocket and jack shaft (secondary drive chain) also made in - house
7. Drop down Mirrors
8. Springer front end-in house
9. Brass ring highlights and etching
10. Copper tubing to run the wiring for the india market.

Rajputana Customs Nandi Price

The Nandi build on a royal Enfield 500cc bike and costs ₹ 5 lakhs. Donor bike must be provided by the customers. No wonder, the price is worth the classic beauty they built.
Nandi will be available as per your order now on. Buy a Rajputana customs now.it is a real customed bike with the brand name. Since Rajputana already had gained their own place in Indian customs.

Rajputana Customs Contact

Mobile  +919928164795
E-mail   rajputanacustoms@gmail.com
Address kalyan kunj, 17 civil lines, jaipur, rajasthan.,India.
Rajputana customs Nandi all persons are buy because of their interest,  status all want rides of this beautiful looking bike! 

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