• Vajra Customs Modified RE Thunderbird Machismo

    Watching new customised bike and featuring it on our website is one of our favorite tasks. Today we are featuring a newly home grown custom house - Vajra Customs. It is started by DB Chaitanya Naidu. He was an animator left his job for his dream of Bike Building.

    We are featuring a Customised 2006 Royal Enfield Thunderbird Machismo. The bike was presented in complete rusting situation to them. Client wanted it to be a low rider so they decreased it's height. To give it a eyecatching look they have painted gold design on it. And for more aggressive look they have used front glass to it.

     They used double silencer handle end mirrors to it and totally it seems that they have given a new life to Thunderbird machismo 2006 5 speed.

    Read RE Classic 350 Bobber by Vajra Customs

    If you are interested in such type of Customisation then you can contact Vajra Customs through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chaitanyashasankVajra/

    Read Spanner Customs Modified Thunderbird Machismo
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    1. lovelyyyyyyy bikesss and vajra guyssss u mde it awsome and fruiful
      All the best for vajra (chitayna & Co..)