• Hustler Moto Bob - Yamaha FZ Scrambler

    Scramblers are powerful and performance oriented bikes with off road capabilities. Hustler Moto from Jaipur have made a Yamaha FZ Scrambler.

    Yamaha FZ Scrambler by Hustler Moto

    They have removed all the parts except Engine and frame so that they can have a complete view bike's street specific model. Various needed modification are done as the stock parts are not meant for a scrambler.

    A hero bike fuel tank was utilized as the yamaha fz fuel tank was not suitable for the lean body for a scrambler. Side panel are handcrafted and are fitted perfectly within the frame. 

    Rear Fenders are similar to that of Himalayan. It accompanies thick front and back tires for better ride tallness and safe moving over unpleasant surfaces. They have even redone the fumes plan for better visual feel.

    Read Hustler Moto - The Maniac

    If you want same modification for you Yamaha FZ then you can contact Hustler Moto through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheHustlerMoto/

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