The Hustler Moto revealed "The Maniac"

Bajaj Pulsar is the most loved among custom bike builders of India without a doubt. This time, a Bajaj Pulsar 150 has experienced a genuine change and has even got another name, 'The Maniac' by The Hustler Moto. The cruiser provides no insight of its inception as a Bajaj bike with the exception of its DTS-i motor. The Maniac is a genuine bistro racer with clasp on handlebars, single seat with back support, ordinary round front lamp and a head turner Yellow complete for its customary fuel tank and cleaved off body.
Hustler Moto Bajaj Pulsar 150

Indeed, even the littlest of the points of interest are shading differentiated on The Maniac. Dark and Yellow have been astutely utilized on both each board, even not missing the same on the back safeguards. The chrome talked edges, custom short fumes, cleaved front bumper and its exceptional styling, the greater part of the elements brings 'The Maniac' to the RE Continental GT's class.

The instrument reassure here is a twin case unit with white foundation. The correct unit has the tachometer while each other detail is accessible from the left case. A cell phone can be seen appended inside the handlebars, demonstrating the greater part of the instrument support perusing in the advanced organization.

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