Aerodynamic Mercedes-Benz Limousine Concept

His name is Roman Egorov, and he functions as a car architect for Citroën. He beforehand interned at BMW also, however in seeking after his graduate degree, he worked up this outline for (and with support from) Mercedes-Benz as his theory extend.

Egorov's thought was to plan a customary three-box limousine with the streamlined profile of a one-box tablet. To arrive, he acquired a few traps from hustling models and street going supercars, just without the downforce and cooling prerequisites.

The outline imagined here channels air from the grille through a set pattern in the hood, over the rooftop and through an open streamlined trough of sorts to exit neatly rearwards. Underbody optimal design seem to assume a critical part also in keeping the wind current smooth and continuous too, adding to a smooth shape that could possibly impact the future extravagance vehicles – be they from Mercedes or Citroën's DS image.

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