This is New Lamborghini Aventador S

Including the "S" addition implies that Sant 'Agata's lead now highlights a more forceful outline, new driving progression, and more power crushed from the 6.5-liter actually suctioned V12 motor.

The Italians allude to it as "the new Aventador era", however in reality it's a complete midlife cycle redesign. The S highlights various outside upgrades that incorporate a more forceful nose, longer front splitter, a dark diffuser at the flip side, accessible in carbon fiber upon demand, and back wheel curves that are reminiscent of the Countach.

All these visual overhauls heap up to a more than 130 percent enhanced front downforce over its forerunner, while the back wing, which can be balanced in three positions, is said to enhance general streamlined productivity by 50 percent in the ideal position and by 400 percent in the low drag one.

Lambo's specialists have tuned the Aventador's V12 to create an extra 40 PS (39 HP) over its antecedent, for an aggregate of 740 PS (730 HP) and 690 Nm (509 lb-ft) of torque. To accomplish these numbers, the Variable Valve Timing and Variable Intake System have been advanced and the redline has been expanded from 8,350 to 8,500 rpm


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