EIMOR Customs Gold Stone

Eimor Customs, the Hyderabad based customizer is back with an all new introduction on a Royal Enfield bike. They as of late outlined a Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 that looks quite like a major bike. The front now gets 3 headlights, much like the costly Harley Davidson bikes. The handlebar is supplanted with a custom unit that parades chrome with pride. They have made this Gold Stone form for a 6 feet 2 inch rider.
EIMOR Customs Gold Stone
The seat has been supplanted with a solitary, vast unit. The fuel tank indicates more regard to the rider with its updated knee positions, helping him sit in the most extreme solace while driving. The motor here is done in Black/Chrome mix while everything else can be found in the Dark attire. The spokes are tenderly completed in Black while the most noticeable change at the back is the profound cut that begins from the seat end and can be seen over the side view.
EIMOR Customs

Eimor Customs have even held the back plate brake for the cruiser. They have utilized a 19 inch front wheel though the back wheel here measures only 15 inch. The motor has been kept to the stock design, delivering a maximum of 19.8 BHP and 28 Nm of torque. It weighs 192 kg in stock form however this one is very light in the correlation. They have even fitted a full Black, custom fumes framework for the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 Gold Stone

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