Modified Hero Honda CBZ: Prashz Custom Design

Indian custom bike showcase has developed by many overlays in most recent couple of years. On account of worldwide introduction and inward thoughts of these custom developers, we can now witness a novel machine around us in almost every Indian city. This story is about Prashz Custom Designs, who had as of late finished the main venture out of the 2007 Hero Honda CBZ in their carport. This custom bobber has been named 'Smaller than usual Bullet' by its maker.
Modified Hero Honda CBZ by Prashz Custom Design
The cruiser gets a tremendous fuel tank that has been done in Yellow for expanded visual interest. CBZ's edge and motor was held while the foot-pegs were advanced for a chopper style seating course of action. An additional wide handlebar was fitted on the highest point of everything for an appropriate chopper style riding position. Everything aside from the front fog light was expelled from the encompassing segment of the Mini Bullet.
Modified Hero Honda CBZ by Prashz Custom Design
The casing was slashed at the back for a littler seat while custom combination haggles were fitted for beefier look. The fumes pipe was cleaved in the center for the custom chrome end of the cruiser's fumes unit. It utilizes least number of segments for the ideal bobber feel. Everything feels at home on the Mini Bullet aside from one thing that could haul the sweat out of the rider. It does not have a back brake till date.

Type: Bobber
Based on 2007 Hero Honda CBZ
Price: INR 69,000
Contact Person: Prashant Dhole

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