Vardenchi Orange Angel Price, Features and Specs

In opposition to the other-worldly name the "Orange Angel" is one the most fiendish custom motorcycles to take off or Vardenchi. Everything about this Type IV is mean and threatening, but then it has a marvel that seems as though it was cut out of material which was crazy. Vardenchi Orange  Angel is much like a chopper but nimble to Handel. The semi wide Handel's bars and comfort foot grip positioning make you want to dart straight ahead like a war head. While the 20ltr tank allows you for quite the distance the 300mm rear tire keeps you grounded on any surface.

The graphic you see is a very interesting technique where the blades reflect the shape of the blades on the fenders and they are in a matte finish. The 'krull' wheels give it the edge it needs to an overall sharp and wild design.

This is one of the most crafted and creative vardenchi's on the block. Vardenchi motorcycle was stated with the passion of seeing beautiful works of art  of India!

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Vardenchi Orange Angel Price

This is Vardenchi Motorcycles Type 4 Model and its customisation package starts at Rs. 5.49 lakh

Features of Vardenchi Orange Angel 

1.18ltr teardrop shaped tank
2.Forward foot controls
3.Comfort wide set handle bar
4.LED indicatos and LED tail brake lamp
5.Custom  hand airbrushed graphic paint jobs
6.Chrome loaded accessories
7.Enhanced exhaust sound

Vardenchi Orange Angel

What makes a vardenchi class of its own? 

At vardenchi, the process of custom motorcycle building is co-creation between the company and customer. Each vardenchi is more like a work of art, rather then a hunk of hot metal and wheels. It is designed to serve to the riders individual's need. We use the Royal Enfield as base but build most of the custom parts in house some parts, like wheels and tires that can't be sourced locally, are imported.

Vardenchi Motorcylces offers end to end solutions in every area of custom motorcycle building, from sheet metal fabrication, structural fabrication in house painting and assembly unit. These motorcycle are all about personality, attitude and looking great!

A sincere approach to the business and perfect track record of great builds and deliveries keeps vardenchi growing consistently as we move forward.

Dimensions of Vardenchi orange angel 

Wheel base - 1835mm
Length - 2530mm
Width - 870mm
Height - 1270mm
Ground clearance - 160mm
Seat saddle height - 660mm
Weight - 215kgs

Structure of Vardenchi orange angel 


Front - 120/70/21
Rear - 300/35/18


Front - Customs Design Alloy
Rear - Customs Design Alloy


Front - Disc 280mm, dual piston caliper
Rear - Disc 280mm, dual piston caliper


Front suspension -Telescopic, 35mm forks with hydraulic dampening  stroke 130mm
Rear suspension - Double sided swingarm with hidden double mono shocks, stroke 70mm, 3 step adjustable preload.

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