5 Classic Car designs by DC Design

Here’s how DC Design creates some really fantastic cars, by taking perfectly good looking and adding odd design elements.

Maruti Swift

The Swift is one of India’s most loving cars, and it’s design raise comparisons with the Mini Cooper.DC Design wanted to do things differently. They took a Swift, chopped up the rear section and added a loading bed. Now, they want to make their Swift a pick up truck.

After modification 

Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar is based on the Jeep CJ-5 (Civilian Jeep), a created design that is timeless. DC Design killed the  of this design many times over by building the Urban Thar, a curious of  a jeep, painted in a bright yellow that  Lamborghini. Even Mahindra Customization builds better after market kits.

After modification 

Maruti Esteem

The Maruti Esteem is a well relative motorcycles, which was quite the rage in the 1990s. A rebadged Suzuki Cultus features :
1.The low seat of the car
2.A peppy 1.3 liter petrol engine – which later got fuel injection and a power boost – meant that it was an fantastic favourite.
They chopped up the car’s roof, and built a two door convertible out of the Esteem, which looks like this. It’s called the DC Arka.

After modification 

Tempo Trax 

The Tempo Trax is an offshoot of the legendary Gelandewagen made by Mercedes Benz. Force Motors bought the rights to build and market this vehicle in India.Many variants of the Trax, with expanded wheelbase and as broken and hardy people movers. DC Design got into the act  and Called the Juggernaut, this is the Force Trax under the skin.

After modification 

Ford Fiesta

The previous generation Ford Fiesta was one of the most involving cars to drive that  could lay their hands on for under 10 lakh rupees. DC Design didn’t mess with the proportions. But the twist to the front and rear ends of the Fiesta leaves the car looking like this.

After modification 

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