Hero Karizma modified in Retro Style: Gear Gear Motorcycles

Hero Karizma was without a doubt the most amazing bike of its time. It was present day and conveyed a great deal more than whatever other bike had back then. For the individuals who adored the crisp interest, the stock outline was a gift while some essentially cherished the motor and needed something other than what's expected from their cruiser. Gear Gear Motorcycles from Bangalore made such a desire work out through their 80's propelled custom Karizma.

Gear Gear Motorcycle Karizma

The bike first went under the spanner and lost every one of the parts from its unique casing. Karizma had a lively interest and getting over the same was unrealistic without expelling its front lamp and semi faired body. The fuel tank even had no indications of vintage character and henceforth went quietly far from the venture. The combination wheels were exchanged for the great talked wheels while thicker tires supplanted the ones that are offered on the stock Hero Karizma. They have even utilized execution air channel and custom free stream debilitate on the bike.

The back edge is littler and conveys a thick tire while front wheel is greater in breadth. The fuel tank is a custom constructed unit that is roused from Yamaha's RX arrangement fuel tanks. It has the slightest bends and suit the exemplary interest of the Karizma subject. Front and back bumpers are chrome completed and slashed for better feel. The front light utilized here is round while suspension on the bike is kept in the stock frame at both the closures.

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