Meet the Most Powerful Honda City in the World

Joel Joseph of RaceConcepts, a turning shop in Banglore has done wonders by creating A new Honda City model which makes more power than a Lamborghini Huracan. Besides this, it is also the most powerful Honda City in the world.

This Honda City started life as 1.5 VTEC, and then Joel Joseph decided to tune it. This Honda City now features Honda B15C2 SOHC RC engine that displaces 1500 cc engine. This car has been turbo charged and thus is running on massive 23.7 psi boost. Thus, it makes more power than Lamborghini Huracan I.e 610 Bhp of peak power @ 8700 rpm (501 whp) and 480 Nm of peak torque at 7800 rpm.
It is designed and built by RaceDynamics and Fueling is handled by RD1401 standalone ECU. The car also has a custom loom for RaceDyanamics. The body is made of fibre glass panels which makes it of light weight. Moreover, a LSD has been also added to help put power down.

Its panels are designed while keeping aerodynamics in mind. The chassis has been reinforced to add strength. The car also features roll cage, instrument cluster, fully functional dashboard and most other factory components.

The main objective of the car was to be drag mad car, and it seems that the company has successfully achieved that. At the 2017 Dragfest of Bangalore, the car managed to clock a 11 second quarter mile which in itself is a new record as Dodge SRT Demon which acclaims itself as special drag car does a quarter mile in 9.65 seconds.

And with this, we hope that this Honda will keep going faster and faster with more 0improvements coming along.

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