Motor Vehicles Amendment Bill 2016 - New Fine Structure

Standard guilty parties will now confront the warmth from Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill 2016 as the administration's rundown of fines has now gone up a few times from those which were forced few days back. The new measure of fines are put to hold under tight restraints those individuals who just sit on the throttle to make the most of their ride and disregard other people who are honestly gotten up to speed wrecked on our Indian streets. Most changes are seen on those offenses which influences the life of a moment individual on the off chance that a wrongdoer submits a mix-up.

Aadhar Card will now be required for applying a driving permit crosswise over India. They have taken a shot at making modifications for in an unexpected way abled individuals simple and more available. The temporary workers and common bodies will now be considered dependable on the off chance that the mishap occurs because of poor street conditions. In specific sorts of mischances, Motor Vehicle Accident Fund will incorporate the scope of the casualty. The new revisions empower the legislature to apply a multiplier on specific fines, not crossing 10 times regardless.

They have even brought an opportunity to apply for remuneration to six months in the new bill. Driving without a permit will now cost INR 5,000 while over speeding will cost INR 1,000. Rash driving will cost up to INR 5,000 though over-burdening a bike will bring a fine of INR 2,000 after this bill. Fine to drive without protection has been multiplied to INR 2,000 while not offering path to a crisis vehicle will now pull in a fine of INR 10,000. This was not secured under any of the bill that was passed previously.

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