Nissan Sentra (Sylphy) based Venucia D60 ready for Chinese customers

Nissan has built up a Chinese adaptation of the Nissan Sentra (Nissan Sylphy) for the Venucia mark. The Venucia D60's last outside outline has released online in pictures distributed by

Venucia, Nissan's ease image, has figured out how to plan the Venucia D60 to leave no hints of the auto it is gotten from. Aside from the extents, everything looks unique. The new smaller vehicle measures 4,756 mm long, 1,803 mm in width and 1,487 mm in tallness, and has a wheelbase of 2,700 mm.

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Venucia is yet to release details of the Venucia D60. In any case, Chinese reports assert that the HR16 93 kW (124.66 hp) 1.6-liter actually suctioned petrol engine will the power smaller vehicle. This engine is offered in the Chinese-spec Nissan Sylphy as a spending alternative to the MRA8 1.8-liter engine. Venucia D60 clients may inspire alternatives to indicate the engine with a 5-speed manual transmission and the XTRONIC consistently factor transmission.

The D60 is required to go at a bargain in China in November this year. More points of interest ought to develop as the dispatch nears.

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