EIMOR Customs Back To Basics Bike

This motorcycle was built at a local workshop in Hyderabad, and was lacking practicality. The rear seat was not usable at all because the fenders were touching the seat when the bike hit a Bump. The reason was the rear fenders were fitted to swing arm and it was moving along with the rear shock movement. Plus, the earlier tank was full of leaks and dents and cracks... which caused the paint to bubble and crack at many places.

EIMOR Customs Back To Basics

EIMOR Customs re-did the entire rear portion of this bike and added a new peanut tank, with rear seats. The bike earlier had a stance, but was losing practicality and they made this bike into a practically functioning bike.

And just to get a drift from their usual heavily loaded paint scheme, they decided to keep the tank and mudguards raw and seal it with clear coat... And top it up with some nice pin stripes and black patterns and logos. Gold leafing on the Shiny yet mildly rusted body parts did the trick.
You can see the original raw tank from inside but it is protected due to a rich coat of 6 layers of clear coat!

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