EIMOR Customs Johnnie - Modified 2007 Electra

Today we are featuring EIMOR Customs Johnnie. This is a 2007 Electra. Their client wanted to give this bike a vintage World War II kind of look.

EIMOR Customs Johnnie Electra

For this EIMOR Customs have used 4.25x18” big block, MRF Moto C tyres both front and back. In the rear they have installed a rear disc brake system. They have used a classic type front shock absorbers so the they can change the way the mudguard has been fitted.

EIMOR Customs Johnnie Electra

The headlamp casing has been changed to 1950’s style. They have used old Smith’s Speedo and Lucas Amp meters. The handle bar is a standard model on and not an Electra type. The mirrors are standard model black mirrors. The tail light and the indicators are in rectangular shape so as to give this bike a rugged look.

They have used wood on the sides of the tank. This bike is a single seater. In place of the rear seat they have tastefully installed wooden frame carrier, which can also be used as a standby seat. They have used well dried good quality teak wood for natural grain and longevity. They have been hand polished to perfection so as to bring out the grains in the best possible way. They have used vintage style leather spring seat.

There is also use of brass at places. The brass plate on front mudguard shows our soldier on his motorcycle and bombings happening behind him. There is also a brass token holder and tank cap bearing our signature stamp.

They have added a military grade petrol canister and an ammunition box which will serve as a first aid box and an utility box. These have been fastened tight with specially made genuine leather belts.

The crash bar is a military style butterfly crash guard. There is a singular yellow fog lamp on the right and a bottle holder on the left.

The color is a glossy olive. The wheels and other parts have been tastefully powder coated in colors complementing the whole design.

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You can contact EIMOR Customs through their facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/EIMORCustomsIND

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