• Modified Contessa in India by Modsters Automotive Chennai

    Muscle car is a fantasy of practically every Indian car lovers. Regardless of whether you purchase a pristine Mercedes S-Class or BMW 7-Series, in the event that you cherish getting in the driver's seat, nothing shows signs of improvement than a muscle car. The thundering huge motor marvels are about crude power and races on practically every red light.

    Modified Contessa Muscle car

    Indian launch of Ford Mustang was one major factor that energized the fire however starts were viewed as ahead of schedule as the passage of HM Contessa in India. The vehicle depended on right around five decade old outline and in this manner, looking like a muscle car was evident therefore.

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    Modsters Automotive took the charge of returning to the underlying foundations of Contessa's outline and returned with this great car consequently. The long hat is sufficient to scare the spirit out of a convention hatchback, additionally supplemented with LED front lights and garbage free hood outline. Pointless excess was maintained a strategic distance from through no additional scoops or a noticeable motor segment on the Contessa.

    The normal man's muscle car isn't accessible in enormous numbers nowadays and many have been so erroneously exaggerated that one would abstain from taking a gander at them at any cost. This one is an alternate story as picking Reventon Matte Gray helped it pick up a genuine character.

    The car accompanies 18 inch amalgam wheels that are wrapped around low profile tires for that immaculate muscle feel. The adjustment was charged under Project Greyhound and brought about an impeccably summed up resultant. Contessa was offered with 2.0L diesel or 1.8L petroleum engine around then.

    As the motors on offer are very similar to ordinary car stuff, this Contessa would not be as great at numbers as it looks remotely. The motor was offered with a 5-speed manual gearbox on both the fuel choices.
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