Bespoke Designs Jazz - Modified Cafe Racer

We always feel proud when we see some beautiful custom bikes built by the newbies. Today we are featuring Bespoke Designs of Jamshedpur.

The bike which we are featuring is Jazz, a fully customized Royal Enfield cafe racer. The bike uniqueness can be got from the design and spacing in the bike. We usually see cafe racer with compact designs but this bike has seat which is larger as compared to other traditional one.

Bespoke Designs Jazz Cafe Racer

On asking about Jazz, Bespoke Designs Owner Arpan Pandey told us that Jazz was built on Royal Enfield which he was bought from a scrapyard. It was completely restored to a running condition. This job has been done by only single person by him.

We can say this he has literally done a beautiful job.

On Modification side, he has handcarfted the chasis to suit the whole cafe racer body style. Jazz features a café style fuel tank with knee dents and a rear cowl. Jazz runs around on 130mm tyres which give it a beefy finish!

Bespoke Designs royal enfield customized

He has fitted a custom Headlamp with two LED lights and bike frame is painted in red where are the fuel tank got dual color tone of white and red. Side panels got white color. Tail got a LED Stripe.

If you are interested in such type of modification then you can contact Arpan through the bespoke designs facebook page:

Bespoke Design is a small customization shop in Jamshepur led by single person - Arpan Pandey.

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