Puranam Designs W5 Cruiser - Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500cc

Puranam Designs have built a new cruiser based on Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500. They had lots of design which which were based on cruiser but they wanted to design something unique which is not presented yet. They have named it W5 Cruiser.

Puranam Designs W5 Cruiser

Puranam Designs have changed the riding position in order to make it more comfortable for rider to lean backward effortlessly and can change gears easily.

A 130" section tyre set up on both front and back ends with an over sized petrol tank adding to the bulky look.

Puranam Designs Thunderbird Royal Enfield

Custom Seats which are made with that extra cushion with a ribbed pattern. Fenders with an elongated look for that fairly looking cruiser design.

A majestic two tone gloss black and a sparkle silver polished the horns of this bull. And our cruiser is ready.

Puranam Designs Cruiser

If you are interested in this cruiser then you can Puranam Designs through their facebook page:

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