EIMOR Customs Bronite - 1980 Royal Enfield Bullet Standard Restored and Customised

EIMOR Customs have been doing customization work since 2011 and their work shows their dedication and Craftsmanship. Today we are showing you their newly restored and modified 1980 Royal Enfield Bullet Standard, which came all the way from Warangal, Telangana.

The motorcycle was in a very bad shape, with the engine being in worst shape than ever. Strangely, the body parts were in good condition. The plan was to increase the length of the motorcycle by 6 inches and make it slightly lengthy. And keep the characteristic look of the iconic bike intact.

However, it was not so direct as thought. When they increase the length of the bike, the entire rear mudguard fitting arrangement changes, plus they have made proper arrangement for the rear shock absorbers to function perfectly.

The rear mudguard has been broadened to house a 120mm thick wheel. Along with that the rear mudguard fittings are profile cut brackets. The tank has been lengthened to complement the 6 inches stretch which EIMOR Customs have incorporated.

The seat is a broad and nice comfortable Army Style seat. The rear seat sits on top of a Grill, and is removable. The bike can be made a single seaters or double seater, based on requirement. The front wind shield is needed to provide a broad look for the motorcycle.

The front and rear wheels of the same bike has been refurbished. The entire bike has been loaded with great quality chrome. The tool box has a chrome bidding which goes parallel to the ground. The rear tail light assembly is a CNC machined metal tail light. They have provided two genuine leather Tan color side bags with the bike with matching seats and matching handle wraps. The bike has two metal frames on each sides of the rear mudguard which is placed to not allow the leather bags to collide with tyres.

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If you like this work you can contact EIMOR Customs through their facebook handle: https://www.facebook.com/EIMORCustomsIND

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