Libellula - A Neo Cafe Racer by Ludwig, Italy

Triumph is one of the custom builders' favorite brand. We have seen various Triumph Motorcycles modification examples. But today we are bringing you the extraordinary cafe racer built using 2004 Triumph Triple Speed. This is Libellula by the Ludwig.

libellula by Ludwig

The main aim of this project is to create a crossover from different models of Triple Speed. They have combine the rear frame of 2008 Model and tank of 1998 model. They have used some aftermarket spare parts and hand made components to give the bike particular looks.

Triumph Neo Cafe Racer by Ludwig

The handlebar are raised above from original position.They have fixed the rear mirrors in neo cafe racer style. Original Chrome Light is painted in black. A hand built aluminium Front plate is used.

Libellula cafe racer by Ludwig

They have fixed a new radial brake system that enhance the performance. The airbox was changed to three handmade intake stacks and three conic filters.

The wiring is grouped, and it is possible to change the fuse, or connect the OBD simply removing the black side cover between the tank and subframe. And the subframe just host the vessel of water and the rear brake liquid. The seat is an aftermarket part made of stainless steel, with a LED signal integrated. They've also built the exhaust using steel with brush finishing

If you like this bike then you can contact Ludwig through their facebook page:

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