Types of Car Modifications which are Illegal in India

As the modification trends are increasing in India, People are opting for more personalisation on cars as well as on bikes. But while opting for modifications people are not aware about the laws which makes some of the changes illegal while driving on roads.

Here is list of such modifications on your cars which make them illegal:

1.  Converting the Car into Convertible:

Making changes in the structure of the existing car is considered to be against the law. This will give chances to the police to tow the vehicle. Convertible cars have more strength their roof top counterparts which makes the more heavier.

2. Making your car as limousine: 

People admire long cars in India. Their craze for limousines can be seen when they convert their cars into limousines. But converting them as one can also be considered as against the law. As this will also comes under the structural changes. In this car is cut into half and then stretched. For this you need the ARAI certification for converting and using the car on roads.

3. Using of Exoskeleton: 

Exoskeleton is used for the protection purpose. This is used for the off roading where vehicle can meet external damage and through exoskeleton the damage is protected. But this is also considered illegal as the weight of the vehicle is increased and the vehicle's center of gravity may be changed due to this which may lead to accident.

4. Loud Horns Usage:

Using of loud horn on roads not only disturb the fellow drivers but also the public walking on roads. Creating such loud noise comes under noise pollution. Therefore authorities have mandate the loudness limit under 82 decible. If sound of the horn is loud then officials can book your car and fine you.

5. Customised Exhaust:

Like Horns, exhausts also have certain usage guidelines. Using loud noise exhausts can also lead you get you fined.

6. Changing the engine:

On using engine other than your car is illegal. It can be case where the cars are stolen, both car and engine are sold separately. So if police find out that the car is having engine of other number is used then he can seize your vehicle.

7. If you change the Power of Engine:

People want to enhance the power output of their cars and for this they used ECU tuning. On doing such thing will lead to increase the pressure on chassis and can cause fatal accident.

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