• Technoimpulse Rocket Z - a 9 Seater SUV for Go Everywhere Experience

    Technoimpulse Rocket Z is a 9 seater 4*4 car. This Russian car is for those who want to explore the wild as well as enjoy the city.

    Technoimpulse Rocket Z

    Car is under 5 meter category capable of off roading also. The car cost is £65,000. Which means the same of Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, But the power of Rocket Z is very low as compared to the later. It is powered by Hyundai diesel engine which is capable of producing power of 82 BHP. 

    Technoimpulse Rocket Z

    Also the fact that it lacks some luxurious features to like the 8 people will be seating on simple bench like seats.  Driver will be seating in the front with lots of controls and steering wheels. 

    Still it will be a good offroading car. 
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