Japan's Custom Works Zon BMW R18

We have seen various collaborations where the bike companies and custom builders came together to be a part of better project.

Custom Works Zon BMW R18

Like this today we are showing you all the collaboration work of Japan's Custom Works Zon and BMW Motorrad.

They got invite from the BMW to visit the their factory in Munich. However they were told to not to disclose about this to anyone. So they visited the factory and where they were being told about the purpose of their visit.

When they went back to their garage. BMW gave them the engine in July 2018. They began their work and decided to build the bike cruiser styled bike to harness more power from the engine. This gives the inspiration of a some kind of speed racer.

Custom Works Zon BMW R18

They started off building the truss styled frame, girder styled front fork and sachs mono shocks at rear. 22 inches wheel by the Satsuma Cycle works used. Braking System is of Kustom Tech. Tyres from Metzeler Marathon Ultra Rubber. The riding position also set low to support the design.

For the engine they have to worked on exhaust system which they built from the scratch. They also have to installed the carbs which fed air through the custom made airbox sitting on the engine top. The 2-into-2 exhaust is a full stainless system built from scratch, including the shapely mufflers.

Source: returnofthecaferacer
Pics: Fueltank

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