Yamaha RX100 Fully Restored by Maverick Designs India

Yamaha RX 100 is such a legendary bike in India. The love for this bike make their owners held them stick to it till decades. On such owner who is having Yamaha RX100 has done its restoration through Maverick Designs India. The bike was 1990 model which is now fully restored by them.

You can check condition of this bike before it comes to them. And what wonders they have done to it after restoration.

yamaha rx 100 restored

Maverick Designs has given it black and golden detail scheme. They have changed the spoke wheels to alloys. Also they have fitted new 12v electrical and K&N air filter.

yamaha rx100 restored

Rest bike has kept the way it is with new parts. Now it looks like that it is just got out of showroom.

You can check out their custom bike: Click Here

If you want to restore your bike then you can contact to Maverick Designs India through their website: http://maverickdesignsindia.com/

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