Afterlife Machines Vendetta - Custom Karizma Scrambler

Today we are featuring a Custom built Scrambler by Afterlife Machines. The bas bike used for this build is Hero Karizma. The name given to this bike is Vendetta.
Afterlife Karizma Scrambler

Scrambler is known for its power to take on every road therefore there was lots of work which was needed to done on base bike. They started of with the designing part to make it more compatible for the touring purpose. They need to shed-off the weight also for the increase in power as well as to increase the off-roading capabilities.
Karizma Scrambler
The main focus was to achieve the design with the original chassis only; to keep it simple with adaptable to their needs.

After the designing, they have to built the custom parts for the final result. Some of the parts which they have hand build are:
  • Footrest frames
  • Rear wheel rim
  • Headlamp Clamp
  • Front and rear fender
  • Cones for handle T
  • Exhaust and exhaust and can
  • Seat   

The final product seems to be very impressive. If you like this let us know. Comment below for the queries.

You can contact Afterlife Machines through their facebook handle

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