• Zeltini Z-Triton is Electric Camper Trike Cum Boat

    Z-Triton is a tiny amphibious e tricycle camper house. This is designed by Zeltini a Latvian startup. All the wheels are foldable which makes enabling quick transition from land to water mode. It can house upto 2 people. The cost is around 7K-9K Euros (Depending upon Specifications). 

    zeltini z-triton

    The trike is equipped with 2x250 W electric motor and 36 V battery. Trike's range is 40 km. Z-Triton also comes with disc brakes, lights (including turning lights), honk, USB charging ports, comfy seat, aerodynamic umbrella, two water bottle cages, fold-up passenger seat with safety belt, coffee cup holder, a pet seat (can be replaced by a child seat), 6 solar panels and removable plant pot that is integrated in one of the chimneys.

    zeltini z-triton

    Once the 3 wheels are folded up and inflatable pontoons for extra stability attached Z-Triton is ready for water. In the boat mode it's equipped with 40 ft/lb 12v Electric Outboard Trolling Motor that slots easily in and out. Steering cables and power cable attach to the engine rod and it’s ready to travel across lakes and rivers (not seas though). 

    zeltini z-triton

    The range is approximately 10km depending on the size of the battery. When in boat mode the list of features is rather long. There are two adjustable seats, headlight (standing lights, low and high beam), winch, manual wind screen wiper, voltmeter, turning lights, honk, steering wheel, interior lights, 12V DC output, temperature and time display and more.

    zeltini z-triton

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    For More Information Contact Zeltini

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zeltini.studio/

    Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/zeltini_studio/

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