EIMOR Customs Laila: Combination of RE Himalayan and Interceptor 650

EIMOR Customs, Hyderabad based bike modification shop has recently modified a new bike. They called it Laila. 

eimor customs laila

The concept of this bike is to have best of both RE Himalayan and Interceptor 650. EIMOR Customs wanted an all terrain motorcycle with more refined engine of Interceptor 650. Also they shed some more weight from the bike, increase the ground clearance, use good suspension, use good off roading tyres and make it a all purpose very practical motorcycle.

The exhaust, TEC Stinger 2-1 saved 14 kilos of the overall exhaust, by combining two tubes into one. So we got rid of extra weight. We however built a engine and bike guard system in seamless tubing which added another 4 kilos to the bike. The rest of the body panels were made keeping in mind minimalist approach. 

eimor customs laila

The seat and skid plate were done in fiber glass, the side panels in Aluminum sheet. The front forks of Himalayan with 21 inch wheels gives it the required stance and ground clearance from front side. 

However the disk brake pipes had to be changed due to extra height. The caliper holding bracket had to be re-designed because we used the stock interceptor calipers on Himalayan Tubes. The Paint job done is kept super subtle. Ducati Red color on the chassis, with Pearl white Tank and mudguards, Tank has Red pinstripe and a silver pinstripe with Royal Enfield logo. Rest of the items are kept black matte.

The trickiest part in this motorcycle was to accommodate a Rear mono shock absorber. The Himalayan mono shock is long and when used properly can give you good ground clearance, but you also want your feet to touch the ground afterall! So, striking the right balance of ground clearance and rider foot touching the ground was essential. Plus, the mono shock sits in position of a stock motorcycle's humongous air filter unit and battery cavity. The stock air filter was replaced by 2 KnN air filters for each air intake.

The battery was positioned very calculative on the right hand side of the mono shock, whereas the electricals and fuse box, relays etc. went to the right side of the mono shock. Both the right and left side are neatly partitioned, so that it is tidy and wiring harness doesn't come along the way of mono shock in action.

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