• Interview with Mr. Reza Hussain from RH Customs, Hyderabad

    Today we interviewed Reza Hussain from RH Customs. He has been transforming bikes into more beautiful machines. We have featured his work on our website also. Check Here

    Reza Hussain from RH Customs

    We got a chance to take an interview of him and here is the questionnaire: 

    1. Which is the first bike you purchased from your own money?

    Ans. I purchased my own motorcycle in 1998. It was a Yamaha RX 100. 

    2. When did you realised that you wanted to be a bike designer?

    Ans. I realised to be a bike builder when I was 24 years old. After having personal experience of 4 years in building motorcycles.

    3. How many bikes you have build till now?

    Ans. Lost the count actually... but easily more than 350+ builds till date.

    4. Which is your dream bike?

    Ans. Dream bike can only be a Honda Rune for me. 

    5. What's your point of view on electric bikes?

    Ans. Electric is future, and my personal favorite in electric bikes is a new startup from USA (Expannia).

    6. Who are other people who inspired you for your work?

    Ans. Inspiration are many, but Vijay from RCM, Maxwell Hazan, Billy Lane, Paul Sr. from OCC to name a few. 

    7. Whats your new project?

    Ans. Currently working on a couple of Harleys, a Honda 1300 cc, Triumph street twin, ad an interceptor and 2 regular RE 350cc. 

    Here is some of his work

    rh customs immortal bob

    Royal Enfield Broadtracker 69
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