Yamaha XSR900 Street Motorcycle by Rough Crafts

The Rough Crafts designed cafe racers and street trackers which can be even though they all cut different lines, they all clearly come from the same source.

Rough Crafts Yamaha XSR900

The Rough Crafts designed the bike in such a way that it looks easy to replicate from the custom bodywork, to the extensive and tasteful list of bolt-on upgrades. Yamaha Europe has added this XSR to their Yard Built custom bike portfolio.

Rough Crafts says that the whole idea of Yamaha Yard Built was to inspire Other bike owners around the world to customize their bikes and make them unique and even adds that if the builder develops bolts on parts from the build, that would be a big bonus.

Rough Crafts Yamaha XSR900

The first thing they changed was the full set of bolt-on body panels for the XSR900, then commissioned an artisan to shape them out of carbon fiber, then the interfaces with the stock frame with zero cutting or welding, and with minimal fuss—like the new tank covers.

Rough Crafts Yamaha XSR900

The flat track-style tailpiece bolts to the OEM subframe with just two fasteners.Rough Crafts says that even if we can use the stock double seat if we like to carry a passenger with us the lines will still work with our tank covers.

The Up front of the bike is a carbon fiber headlight that wraps around the stock gauge, which has been lowered. There is a pair of Koso LED turn signals, and also a carbon fiber fender lower down. The Beringer controls and a CNC Racing brake lever. The bike has 115 hp which is plenty quick.

Overall the bike looks great with its black colour and it's Zeus Lighting.

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