Interview with Mr. Adwait Samant from JEDI Customs

Today we interviewed Mr. Adwait Samant from JEDI Customs. He has been customising bikes from several years. We have featured his work on our website also. Check Here

JEDI Customs Adwait Samant

We got a chance to take an interview of him and here is the questionnaire: 

1. Which is the first bike you purchased from your own money?

Ans. The first bike I purchased from my own money was an old Yamaha RX 135. That pocket rocket two stroke machine taught me a lot not only about motorcycles but in general about life as well.

2. When did you realised that you wanted to be a bike builder?

Ans. I was very fond of cafe racers and always wanted to build one for myself. So after I got a job and the hence the necessary finance to buy an old Enfield Thunderbird, I slowly customised it into a cafe racer. I had taken that to an Enfield event and it caught major attention of the then CEO of Royal Enfield. Thats the point I decided to build some more bikes. 

3. How many bikes have you build till now?

Ans. I don't exactly know the count but the number must be quite big considering we have been doing this for the past entire decade.

4. Which is your dream bike?

Ans. My dream bike is a triumph bonnie. The dream actually is to own one and go on an indefinite and unplanned break with the bike.

5. What's your point of view on electric bikes?

Ans. Electric bikes are definitely the future of motorcycles. As they say change if permanent. This is the new change. Whatever may be the reasons but this particular change shall evolve magnanimously in the time to come much beyond our imagination and I would personally want to be a part of this process.

6. Who are others people who inspired you for your work?

Ans. A lot of people inspire me. In terms of the bike building thought Rajputana customs in India are beyond belief in their intricate work. They inspire us to think outside our comfort zone. In terms of entrepreneurial inspiration a few of my close friends inspire me a lot. The aim is to build something that shall make you immortal.

7. What is your new project?

Ans. We are currently building a hardtail bobber. We have tried to put in a lot of minute details into this particular build. A lot of heart has gone into this. Let hope with crossed finger that people shower some love on it.

JEDI Customs Projects 

  • Valkyrie

JEDI Customs RE Bobber
  • Harley Davidson Street Cafe Racer
Harley Davidson street 750 Cafe racer by jedi customs

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