Scam in India: Hotel Express India Looting their Customers

A new kind of scam is going on in hill station specially in Mussoorie and Manali.

You are visiting mussoorie mall road and a person came to you and say that his company is celebrating anniversary for which they are giving away gifts. He will give you a scratch card and if a gift came in that card you will need to give them 1 hour. For gifts like laptop, TV or holiday package you will think that it is ok to give 1 hour. 

The real scam starts from there. They will tell you that you can get 4 star and 5 star hotel rooms for just 2k-3k INR only.  They will show you videos of some customers and hotels to lure you. They will tell you that you need to pay membership fees of something 45000 to 1 lac and yearly maintenance charge of 8000 depending upon the package you select. 

After giving that fees. You will receive the mail in which the details of person will be given who will do bookings for you. When you contact that person for booking he will tell you that you need to pay AMC (maintenance charges). After you pay that he will stop picking up the calls, on what'sapp also he will tell you that he will do the bookings or he has done the booking but he will not share the details. You will start mailing them, the person who has given that scheme will also block you. 
This company name is hotel express India. 

Some of the complaints are here 


After some fake reviews you will see some real -

Another Twitter user complaints same 

If you ever met some people in hill station specially in Mussoorie or Manali saying something just don't involve in this. We have lost our hard earned money we don't want anyone else to loose the same.

Stay safe and share this with everyone so that this can reach to every concerned person. 

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