Auto Engina

Auto Engina has designed a special adventure kit for the Royal Enfield Himalayan which enable the rider to take on every kind of roads. 

This kit is available on the Auto Engina official website as well as on Amazon. There are 7 parts in the kit and total kit amount is around 50,000. You can buy parts separately as well. 

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The adventure kit includes: 

1. Crash Guard:

Crash gaurds are build with heavy duty material to tackle any kind of fall. Designed for maximum protection of the radiator, engine casing and petrol tank. 

2. Fog Light Mount: 

We all know the importance of fog lights incase of long rides or off roading.  Auto Engina has given mudguard level mount so that they lights will be glow equally. 

3. Radiator Cover: Stylish Weldless design built from single sheet MS. It will provide protection from  debris and stones. 

4. Headlight Grill: Headlight is one of the most vulnerable part of bike while offroading. But Auto Engina has given better coverage through stylish designed grills. 

5. Luggage: While travelling on long drives luggage is most important thing. They have given 36 litres top and side case for handling luggages. The top case is attached on a completely custom-made SS base plate, and SS attachments. The design has been made theft-proof, water-resistant and big enough to accommodate 1 modular full-face helmet. Both the cases are aluminium based.

Auto Engina Himalayan Kit Price List

  • Crash Guard - 4999 (Buy from Here)
  • Radiator Guard - 1500
  • Headlight Grill - 1599 (Buy From Here)
  • Top Box - 15000
  • Fog Light Mount - 1200
  • Disk Brake Master Cylinder Guard - 790 (Buy From Here)
  • Panniers - 25000
Total Kit Price - 50199 (Subject to change)

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