Modified Royal Enfield Classic 350cc By Singh Customs

Nothing feels superior to a customized Royal Enfield Classic 350 and this time, Singh Customs from Surat (Gujarat) exhibited this perfectly changed illustration. It took a ton of exactness to arrange and supplant every one of the parts that were of no utilization on the changed variant. Beginning from its wheels, the metal talked units were supplanted with Black and Chrome compound wheels for upgraded excellence. The front tire was likewise supplanted with thick double reason wheel for included state of mind.
Modified Royal Enfield Classic 350
The following unmistakable change is utilization of custom bumpers that are scrambler propelled and significantly lighter than the stock metal ones. The utilization of composite haggles bumpers would have brought about loss of weight without a doubt. Couple of different things on target incorporated the front light group and suspension cover. Both were including pointless weight the cruiser's profile and henceforth, were supplanted with level LED front fog light and open adjustable forks.
Modified Royal Enfield 350
The instrument reassure was supplanted as the vast support would have even brought about a considerable measure of weight. Aside from its fog light, all different lights have been secured under Black defenders. Next thing to lose is the back seat and this altered Classic 350 does not convey one on its back. Truth be told, the front seat utilized here is much slimmer and canvassed in sewed Brown cowhide. Bring down some portion of the motor is done in Matt Black while upper stays in stock condition.

Singh Customs have supplanted the fumes unit of this Classic 350 with Black custom silencer and tapped pipe turning out from the motor. They have even completed the leg watch with nylon rope for included assurance. The bolt has moved to one side while the execution update essentially tallies its weight reduction and custom fumes. The bike looks perfectly worked from each point. Singh Customs have additionally supplanted the tail light and the handlebar of the cruiser to give it a totally unique look in contrast with the stock model.

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  1. Superb modification if possible could you please share video of this bike with all the gadgets like speedo meter petrol meter (Dashboard). I want to modify my bike as it is.

    Thanks in Advance