Vardenchi Black Hawk Price in India, Specs, Type 3

Vardenchi in Marathi means, ‘Of’ the Varde or, ‘Belonging’ to the Varde.Black Hawk is an extremely nimble Type III. Much like it's name it glides on most surfaces without a care and can swoop down on it's prey when provoked. Vardenchi Motorcycles was started with the pure passion of seeing beautiful works of art on the streets of India. Read Vardenchi Valoroso

Vardenchi Black Hawk


The rear Tyre which is 200mm disc braking at the rear and a comfortable 31 degrees of rake with a 130mm front tyre give this Vardenchi the stability while it negotiates corners better than anything else in it's class. The single shock in the rear is mounted in a careful design that allows you to ride at high speeds with a total sense of security while the road surfacing will make no difference.

Black Hawk is so alluring. The dual function headlamp( halogen light + HID work + roundabout Angel eye) combined with the Riser handle bars give this Vardenchi a truly tight interest in the front. While the SMNP(side mounted number plate) alongside the Triple Function(Tail + Brake + Turn flag) raise pointers give it an underhanded take a gander at the back. This bicycle has full assortment of compound. The chrome amalgams gives this bicycle more alluring.

These motorcycles are about identity, mentality and looking incredible. A sharp feeling of outline that emerges from really riding and encountering the items on an everyday premise is the key. The whole procedure from outlining the idea to 3D planning the parts.

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