Hero Honda 100cc tracker by Ayas Customs Pune

With the developing pattern of custom bike notoriety among youngstars, we have been seeing bounty clever bike manufacturers in each side of the nation. What's more, what I like about Ayas Custom Motorcycle is the uniqueness of picking the benefactor bicycle. Not at all like all the standard developer, they burrow their hands on littler motors and do the ponder. This time a 100cc Hero Honda and, conceivable most clean change of a guileless suburbanite.

Ayas Customs Motorcycle is a Pune based cruiser furnish, building a custom bikes on request premise is their main thing, having customer base from all over nation including basti, bihar, pune, mumbai to telangana, hyderbad and so on.

The group as of late elevated to Car Customization and was valued by enthusiastics. The present form is custom Tracker, incorporates custom bodywork, paintjob, leatherwork, brasswork. The whole variation for such alteration would cost around 48k.

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