Hero CBZ Xtreme Retro Type by Yudi Customs Udaipur

Today we are featuring a Hero CBZ Xtreme which is modified in retro style by Yudi Customs from Jaipur. They showed us how a old machine can be changed in to a timeless beauty.

Hero CBZ Xtreme Retro Type by Yudi Customs Udaipur

On the modifications, they have kept the frame and engine original and have customized other parts to achieve desired perfection. They have transformed it into a cafe racer style with custom fueltank and Perfect knee placement.

Mainly design is completely different from the original bike. The bike does not have front and rear fenders. Seat fitted on bike is finished in Premium tan shade and handlebar are fitted a bit lower and have less width than usual. Back got LED strip for brakes Indication.

They have used spoke wheel instead of stock alloy wheels to give retro touch. Disk brakes of original bike is used. Also they have fitted custom free flow exhaust and performance air filters. 

If you like this bike then you can contact Yudi Customs Udaipur through their facebook page: 

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